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Hi, I’m Matej Zmitko
software developer
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Who am I?

sombody who likes a code

Matej Zmitko

Basic information about me

In the beginning of my high school I have been designing web pages and corporate identities.

I always encourage myself in bringing the concepts of the projects that I work on to life and put my everything into them. This is why I started studying Information Technology at the University of Pardubice.

As an intern in Switzerland

Just as a title above shows, I can say, work hard is always worth to do. I have been accepted and I have got almost one year contract in Switzerland, working as software developer within a department of Computer Science at FHNW University in Brugg, Switzerland. I love gaining experiences across the world, I love my job, my colleagues and everything related to my stay in this beautiful country.

Erasmus life in Norway

In the beginning of year 2016, I was approved as an Erasmus student for one semester in Gjøvik, Norway. Design and digital media have always been a part of my interests and are fields, which I enjoy a lot. Hence, I have been staying and studying within the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at NTNU in Norway, allowing me to extend my knowledge in mobile media design for the Android and iOS platform, web development using languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as well as participating and being a part of the Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory, related to colour management and colour reproduction.

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Happy Clients


Cups of coffee TEA


everyday brings something new



Building front-end structures and making puting my designs on to life



To build front-end structures for web development. Experiences since 2013


Javascript, node.js

Currently I use these two technologies most of my time



Working with bitmap material for any kind of adjustments.


Illustrator, Sketch

I use this Sketch for almost all graphics and vector preparations



I am using this IDE for most programming languages


gladly accept new challenges

Company Presentation

First impression. The most important thing for everobody. Just call me or leave a message and I will gladly help you be up-to-date!

User Satisfaction

Your satisfaction of course equals to my happiness and I will do everything for that. Every single project I am working on means something special.

Responsive Design

Every site I created is fully responsive and set up for your devices no matter how wide they actually are. Pleasure for your eyes.

Project Management

Individual requirements in management way are obvious and it is something what I can manage for you as well.


simple & clean

Eska Invest a.s.

Eska Invest a.s.


Matěj Zmítko

Matěj Zmítko

Personal Identity

Guamaral Darkhanbaatar

Guamaral Darkhanbaatar


Computional Music Thinking

Software development

"I am looking forward to make you happy" :)


experience through to being curious

  • Work Experience

    Is it still a work or actually just a hobby? Of course the both!

  • Sep 2016


    University of applied Sciences and Arts FHNW, Institute for 4D Technologies, Switzerland

    Software development and design using technologies such as Node.js, SQLite3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, D3.js and Sketch for design.

  • Mar 2013
    Dec 2015

    Front-end developer

    Eska Invest a.s., Czech Republic

    Encoding websites as well as doing some design tasks. Technical support for customers and company members is granted.

  • Apr 2011
    May 2012

    Microsoft Student Partner

    Microsoft Project

    I have became a team member of the Microsoft Student Partners (MSP). Development and support of innovative and contemporary information technologies.

  • Education

    Be curious and do not be afraid of new occasions should be motto every single person reading these sentences :)

  • Jan 2016
    Jun 2016

    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

    Gjøvik, Oppland, Norway

    As an International Exchange student in Computer Science I can highly recommended University in Gjøvik as well as any other kind of internship. I will never regret my decision to enrich my life of study in English and Norwegian.

  • Nov 2013

    University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

    Bachelor of Information Technology

    Experiences in samples of programming languages. For instance: Java, objective C, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

  • Oct 2009
    Jun 2014

    High school of applied cybernetics s.r.o., Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

    Multimedia production

    Multimedia production within graphic design which have been partly expanded into information technology such as enhancing abilities particulary HTML and CSS languages.

  • Sep 2001

    Music school Pardubice, Czech Republic

    Graduation certificate 1 and 2 cycle

    I have been playing musical instrument since first year of primary school. I play the trumpet and it is actually the biggest kind of relax for me.

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